Project 1 Stage 1: Brainstorming ideas


The hardest part about starting a new module is just getting stuck into the first exercises. I have carried put some sketchbook work and have been considering the idea of working my experiences working at the mill into my first assignment. The course asks for a closely observed study of an environment I have spent considerable time in. I asked my tutor if she was happy for me to consider the Quarry Bank Mill and my experiences there and she is happy with this.

The first exercise is a brainstorming exercise. I have decided to limit my brainstorm for the time being to the mill and it’s machinery. There are of course so many other aspects which I may be able to use such as the grounds, gardens, exhibitions, apprentice house and kitchen garden and my mind is racing with all sorts of ideas but I think the sensible thing to do is limit my range of thoughts at this time.

I was surprised at the initial outpouring of words and themes! And was glad I had written them in fabric tabs which I can group and may around with before they are fixed to the page.



Below are the final outcomes of my brainstorming. Two pages of themes and ideas with the second page representing the warmth, rythym, form and colours of the mule room. I found that there were just far to many words to be cohesively included into one, or three final samples, however I think if I progress the second group into at least one sample I will have the option of returning to the unused words and ideS.




One thought on “Project 1 Stage 1: Brainstorming ideas

  1. Well done on limiting yourself from the beginning – yes it would be so easy to go with so many different aspects of the mill. I love the way you’ve recorded your brainstorming, and am looking forward to reading more.

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